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Software engineering

We have many years of experience in automation and this enables us to help you with all your software requirements from first design to actual realisation. In consultation with you, we will decide for each individual project how your machine or production process will function, how it will be operated and which preconditions a control system will have to meet. Only when these ideas are completely clear, the engineers of Van Doren will start designing and programming software for PLCs and applications such as SCADA and MES. It goes without saying that Van Doren Engineers closely follows the rapid developments in industrial automation. This is how we can guarantee the quality that you deserve.

The software specialists of Van Doren Engineers:

  • Design the functional description of the machine or the production process
  • Design and write PLC programs
  • Design and produce SCADA – MES applications
  • Bring national and international software into operation
  • Write manuals for users
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