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Replacement control system for cheese production

About our customer
FrieslandCampina Cheese is part of the Cheese, Butter and Milkpowder business group of FrieslandCampina. This part of the business group is responsible for the production, packaging and sale of a large range of Dutch cheeses, such as semi-hard Gouda cheese, Edam cheese and Maasdam cheese. FrieslandCampina Cheese processes over 4.5 billion kilos of milk into cheese every year.

Project description
Van Doren Engineers replaced the whole control system of the cheese factory in Rijkevoort, which, among others, produces Milner Kaas. Of the seven large PLCs in the factory, five PLCs remained untouched. A TI-505 and a S5 PLC were replaced by one Siemens S7-416. In addition, the various SCADA systems, including IFix, WinCC and PCS3, were replaced by a Wonderware System Platform with four servers. These are two redundant application object servers, a terminal server and a historian server / GR Node. Van Doren Engineers compiled a Wonderware library based on the ISA88 (SCADA/PLC) and ISA95 standards (MES functionalities. In the factory, nine workstations were installed.

An important improvement is the visualization. Where operators first operated at equipment level, now it has been made possible to operate real time on process level. The visualization of the equipment first existed of 35 screens, which is now reduced into much fewer screens. The new SCADA layer gives a summary of processes with the most essential data, leaving operators the possibility to communicate at a higher level. Thanks to situational awareness, the focus is on exception and deviations. Only when those are found, the operator looks at the underlying process layer.

The total man-hours, which were put in this project, contained over more than 2,500 hours.

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