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Expansion of a brewery in Ethiopia

About our customer
Bavaria, the second largest brewery in the Netherlands, was founded before 1680 and has been in the hands of the Swinkels family since 1764. Bavaria is active in more than 120 countries and has about a thousand employees. In Ethiopia, around 125 kilometers from the capital Addis Ababa, Bavaria has been brewing Habesha beer since 2015.

Project description
Van Doren Engineers took care of the complete electrical installation of the extension of the brewery in Ethiopia. Also Van Doren Engineers provided the brewery in Ethiopia with completely wired and well-tested skids. Most of the manufacturing took place in The Netherlands, which also included the I/O tests. The customer preferred shipping complete working and tested systems to limit risks. The field cabling took place in the brewery in Ethiopia of course.

To get all data in one dashboard; Bavaria selected ProLeit, a system with a fairly high level threshold. But once entered, the system is properly standardized and structured. The system also contains modules that contain production ICT / MES. For example: tracking and tracing is organized in this system. ProLeit runs the complete beer production line.

The brewery also has systems which are controlled in a different way. An interface will be developed to collect the “strange” data in the ProLeit system. This interfaces ensures that all data can be managed from one dashboard.

The extension of the brewery is still in full swing. Besides software engineers, there are often service engineers from Van Doren Engineers on site.

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