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Electrical works assembly hall for monopiles

About our customer
Sif Group is leading in offshore foundations for wind turbines and oil & gas platforms. They produce XL monopiles up to 11 meters in diameter.

Project description
Maasvlakte 2 is literally and figuratively a second home for Sif Group. On an area of 42 hectares, the steel construction company from Roermond built an impressive production facility for assembling and coating offshore foundations for windmills in less than a year. The foundations for windmills, also known as monopiles, have an average diameter of 7.5 meters, a height of 80 meters and weigh about 1,200 tons. These monopiles find their way to various windmill farms in the North Sea.

Sif appealed to Van Doren Engineers for all electrical proceedings. Van Doren Engineers realized the complete electrical installation of the assembly hall and machine control, including cabling. One of the highlights was the installation of 200 LED lights of 55,000 lumens at a height of 25 meters. The lighting level is individually adjustable for each lamp with an advanced computer system. The construction of the fixtures ensures that less particulate matter adheres to the lens.

In the assembly hall, a total of 1,200 meters of 1,000 amperes busbars supply the power to the welding and milling machines. Because of the busbars, voltage loss is reduced when transporting high power over long distances.

The four cranes with a total lifting capacity of 1000 tons are supplied from the low voltage room via 1,600 ampere crane rails. Besides that, nineteen power boxes are equipped and connected with busbars to the main power distribution.

In the coating division, which consists of four halls and a technical room; two main distribution panels of 2,500 amperes each and twelve redundant control cabinets were provided.

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