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Development safety control environment

About our customer
The RuwBouw Group offers structural solutions with Calduran sand-lime brick, Dycore floors and Heembeton walls. From prefab concrete walls and floors, products of sand-lime brick to complete hulls.

Project description
Spread over eight factories, the client has about 450 PLCs running from all kinds of brands. To get to a manageable situation, they have to get to one standard environment. As a first step, De RuwBouw Group decided to convert the safety environment.

To start at Dycore in Lelystad, where the production environment was protected with a hardware LTT system (lockout, tagout, tryout) with Fortress key switches, Van Doren Engineers integrated the fencing protection in the PCS7 safety control system and introduced the SIMATIC Safety Matrix, a so-called cause and effect diagram in the field of safety.

After Dycore, the conversion of the safety control system at Heembeton in Lelystad followed. Here an obsolete Pilz control system was completely replaced by PCS7. From there the transition was made to the Safety Matrix, which served as the starting point for the engineering. Van Doren Engineers took care of the final conversion in one weekend.

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