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Manufacturing-IT in Veghel combines a range of disciplines, including (industrial) automation, business administration and IT to offer process improvements for our clients. The objectives are:

  • Acquiring thorough knowledge of key operational processes and critical information flows;
  • The effective construction of operational systems, interfaces, networks and databases;
  • The optimum use of our Van Doren Engineers’ many combined years of experience in production automation

Operational targets are achieved first and foremost by the right (real-time) information

The ISA-95 standard is key in almost all the projects we perform at Manufacturing-IT. This standard offers our clients worldwide best-practises and centres on an optimum connection between office level and production floor.
ISA-95 presents companies with ample freedom to interpret and process all their data in a structured manner. In addition, ISA-95 ensures that both existing and new systems are easily transformed into information flows and other requirements.
We supply our clients with standardised structures, which are then provided with effective (real-time) visualisation for the users’ benefit. Process information regarding production, maintenance, quality and stock and their mutual relations are clearly indicated. The organisation is handed the tools for the focused improvement of processes.
Our Manufacturing-IT solutions are practical, affordable and applied at SMEs and multinationals alike.

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