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Field wiring

Van Doren Engineers also operates on location. Our electricians will do the wiring for the entire production installation and machines, they will do I/O testing and, naturally, they will be responsible for the installation technology. A project is not completed until we have witnessed for ourselves that it is operating properly. Of course the quality of the electrician’s work is of great importance. Employees are therefore the key figures at Van Doren Engineers. The open atmosphere of our company encourages staff to feel responsible for reaching the goals of every project, including yours.

  • Engineers at Van Doren Engineers:
    • Install various cable tray-, cable ladder- and wall duct systems
    • Wiring, connecting, and bundling
    • Install switch and control panels
    • Install fire prevention systems, data systems, security systems and utility systems
    • Perform NEN-3140 inspections (Dutch Safety Standards for electrical installations)
    • Perform thermo-graphical inspections
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